Xmark XM-7632 Power Cage – Has Lat Pull Down

By eadmin

xmark power rackIf you are looking for the best way to maximize your weight lifting routine at home then I would highly recommend at buying a power rack or otherwise known as a squat rack.
The reason why you want to consider it is because of the large amount of exercises you can use with it.  If you add a pair of adjustable dumbbells with this you will have everything you need for your home gym!

Today I’m going to talk about the Xmark XM-7620 Power Cage as one of the most best power racks out on the market today that you can purchase for your home gym.

So, let’s look at the features of the Xmark XM-7620 power cage to get started.

The frame is made out of heavy duty 11 gauge steel that is 2 inches by 3 inches think. This is one cage that won’t shake while you are doing pull-ups and you can rely on it being sturdy.

It also has a backed on power coat finish that is scratch resistant.

It comes with a chin-up/pull-up bar mounted at the top bar on the front of the cage. This is actually pretty sweet because you can hop right up to it and have plenty of room to do the exercise without hitting your knees on any of the bars.

Another great feature is the dip bar attachment that is on the side of the power rack. This is a great addition that you can use for tricep workouts and also use weighted dumbbell tricep dips.

The next feature separates itself from the competitors by far which includes a lat pull down attachment. This is a great option because now you open up the door for a multitude of back exercises, tricep exercises and bicep exercises that you do not get with out power rack models.

Squat Rack Features

Ok let’s talk about the most used feature of the XM-7620 which would be for squat exercises. The rack has the perfect layout for the bar catches and the safety spotter holes which are at 2 inches apart. This is big deal because it allows the ultimate control on where you want to put the olympic bar at to squat so you don’t have to duck under it too far to get the bar on your shoulders.

Here is a great site to look at for how to do squats the right way http://leehayward.com/blog/how-to-do-full-squats/ .

The spotter bar holes are perfect for adjusting it to the exact height if you are looking to do dead lifts with it or even use it to spot you for bench press exercises. If you have an olympic weight set at home you can totally integrate this into rack and have a great number of exercises you can add to your workout.

You will get 2 spotter bars that come with it. The lowest hole you can put the bars in at is 20 inches.

In Summary

The Xmark XM-7620 is will be a great purchase for your home gym. With the dimensions of 48.5″” L x 48.5”” W x 83.1″” H and a total weight capacity of 850 pounds this power rack will work for any type of weight lifting you can throw at it.

So, go ahead and look at amazon to find out what the best price is and start your way down to building a home gym you can be proud of to use at home.