The Top 3 Popular Bike Racks

By Eric Johnson


Allen sports deluxe racks are among the most popular racks in the world they are well designed, are strong and come with a warranty. This post looks at the top rated bike racks you can buy.

Deluxe Trunk Mount 3 bike

Deluxe Trunk Mount 3 bike is one of the top 3 bike racks designed to securely protect the bicycle. The lower frame is padded to keep the bicycle away from the vehicle so that the vehicle and the bicycle are protected. It comes with side straps designed to increases its lateral stability. The rack is fully assembled and is easy to install. The rack is designed to fit on sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUVs.


  1. Easier to set up
  2. It protects the bicycle
  3. Its rugged and is of high quality
  4. Comes with a warranty

The Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

This is a USA made trunk mount rack patented and designed to fit on sedans, minivans, SUV and hatchbacks. It is secure and designed to fully protect the bicycle. It has straps that are meant to increase its lateral stability and comes fully assembled and ready to install.
This is a high quality rack that is designed to protect the bike enabling you to easily take the bike a long when traveling. Apart from being versatile, the rack is safe and easy to use. The two sides straps are designed to increase the lateral stability of the bike on the vehicle. It comes with a tie down system that secures and protects the bicycle.

  • The rack has the following advantages
  • It is easier to set up
  • Comes when fully assembled
  • All range of bicycle styles and size can fit.
  • It is a high quality component.

Luggage cargo Racks

This is one of the accessories that can be mounted on the bicycle to help you in transportation. It is made from durable alloy steel metal and is most ideal for V brake. It is designed in such a way that you can adjust it and hence you can fit it on a wide range of bicycles. It can be used to carry baskets and other small items you may want to use while riding.

This is a durable bicycle carrier rack made from alloy steel rack and can perfectly be used with backpacks and panniers. The fact that it can easily be adjusted makes it an ideal mounting accessory for bike riders.