Shaving After Your Morning Workout

By eadmin

Bag taking to the gymI love to workout in the morning before work and I end up taking a change of clothes and other accessories to the gym to get ready there. One of the things I do in the morning strength training session is shave after I get out of the shower. I made this really easy by taking a head razor to shave my head, shaving soap and a high quality shaving brush. Below are few of the brushes that I would recommend.

A quality shaving brush can be the difference between a smooth shave and one where there is a lot left to be desired. Men around the world realize the importance of a shaving brush and having one that is efficient at doing its job.

There are far too many men who use shaving brushes, which are not good enough and are going to do more harm than good. If you are one of those men, it is time to take a look at what the best shaving brushes are all about. Here are the best three on the market right now.

Edwin Jagger Badger

This is the first brush in the list and is one of the better options you are going to find. What makes this brush special? It begins with its soft, yet efficient bristles. The sponge-like effect of the brush is hard to find in other options on the market.

The weight is nice and easy on the hands, which is great for men who don’t want to be bogged down by their brush. It has an aesthetically pleasing build and one that fits nicely in the hands.

The beard hair are going to react positively to the bristles and will be lifted up for a close shave as needed.

The Parker Silvertip

This is the next brush on the list and one that has earned praise on the market.

The ‘silvertip’ badger bristles are what makes this one of the best choices you are going to see. They are soft and dense. This is imperative when looking to spread the shaving cream as desired and getting a close shave.

The shaving brush stand, which comes along with the brush is an added bonus. The quality of the brush can be seen from its aesthetics and how it has been designed.

Escali Deluxe Chrome

When it comes to men who are always on the move, the Escali is the best shaving brush to go with. Why is this the case one may inquire? It has to do with the fascinating storage option available with this brush. It is easy to pack away due to its design.

The base is weighted to ensure it is stable when you set it down. When you put it to use, it is soft on the skin and as dense as you need it to be at the same time.

The sole has been designed to have a ‘non slip’ feature, which is always needed when shaving with water around.