Ways to Make Postpartum Weight Loss Easier

By Frank Benard

It is quite common for pregnant women to pack on some extra pounds while they are carrying the baby, and it’s likely that at least 50 percent of the weight will still be there after delivery. Including the average weight of a baby and supporting tissue and fluids, the maximum amount lost during delivery will be approximately 10 to 12 pounds. The good news is that an increased activity level and a change in hormones can make postpartum weight loss much easier than losing weight at any other time during a woman’s life.

PostPartum Weight Loss

Postpartum Weight Loss 10 Week Photo

Many women choose to breast feed these days, and not only is that practice good for the health of the baby, producing milk burns extra calories to help the new mom drop some pounds. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is produced during the nursing process, and this hormone helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size. This helps reduce the waistline and stomach of the new mother, making her more comfortable and allowing her to more quickly fit into her pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

While many young women return to work after their maternity leave has expired, breastfeeding even for a couple months is very beneficial for both them and their newborn. Protective antibodies in breast milk help prevent infections and common viruses that a new baby may be susceptible to, so some women choose to pump their milk to supplement the diet of their child even after they have returned to the workforce. While this extra effort may seem like a lot of trouble to some, in the long run a healthier baby makes the inconvenience worthwhile.

A lot of pregnant women experience an increased desire for food while they are pregnant, which is the main reason they gain too much weight. Once they have delivered the baby, their appetite level will probably lessen. This helps to make postpartum weight loss easier and combine with an increased activity level to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight.

Even though many new mothers need a couple weeks to recover from the physical demands of pregnancy and delivery, it is a good idea to begin low stress exercise as soon as possible. The exercise combined with a healthy diet should provide a sure path to the postpartum weight loss every new mother is hoping for. Using all these tips for losing that “baby weight” is the best way to get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes.