3 Of The Most Top Rated Razors

Electric razors are becoming ever more popular, with many men switching for many different reasons. For some it is the convenience, for others it is the flexibility to be able to have a dry and wet shave whenever it suits. But with all the makes and models available it can be difficult to find the best ones. In this post we will make recommendations that will suit different budgets, but all will give you an incredibly close shave.

At the top range you will not find a better, more versatile or more stylish electric razor. It can be easily used for wet and dry shaving, giving you the flexibility to have a refreshing foam or gel shave when you feel like it. This model also comes with a beard and precision trimming attachment which will help with facial grooming around sideburns, goatees and mustaches. For the closest possible shave this razor includes Philips’ innovative SkinGlide technology, which protects the skin while ensuring the hair is lifted and cut below the skin’s surface.
IT is a best seller on amazon and could be considered one of the most popular shavers out there for the price.

Remington XR1370
At the mid-price range you will find this Remington razor to be among the most highly regarded and best reviewed models. Remington has long been in the market for electric razors and the XR1370 is one of their stand out products. With a built in run-time display you will always know how much battery charge you have left so you will avoid running out of power in the most annoying situations, like halfway through a shave. This model also includes a precision trimmer which is skin friendly and will help with keeping your sideburns tidy.

Philips Norelco PT724
If you are looking for an electric razor in the budget range then this Philips model is probably the best option for you. It doesn’t come with all the extra features of the above two models, but it will do a great job at providing a close and comfortable shave. The three razors heads are flexible and adjust to the contours of your face so that you can reach the more difficult areas with ease.